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"Pyrogite's Artistic Crafts"
(Artistic Wood Burning)
"Painted Rock Formations"
(Nature Sculptures Painted by Ginia A.D.)
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"Jim's Workshop"
Hop in and head to:
(Woodturning / Fine Furniture Restoration)
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"World Artist Directory"
(The net's source for accomplished artists
world wide)
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"Stone Related Resources"
(Web sites by, for, and about people who work with stone - by hand, eye or imagination.)
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"A World of Fine Art"
(Searchable Database)
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"Fine Art"
(Searchable Database)
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"Interactive Arts Gateway"
(Your first stop for arts online)
"Internet Art Resources"
(A full guide to Artists, Museums, Galleries,
and Reviews)
"Very Cool and Informative"
(Resource for painting tips and techniques plus manufacturers of art supplies)
Stone Menagerie
(Rock Art by Artist and Author Lin Wellford)
"Painted Rock Ranch"
(APHA and AQHA Horses For Sale)
"Miown Embroidery"
(Commercial job too big or too small)

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