This is a perfect example of a simple work of art sculpted entirely by nature.  A little color was added to accentuate the simple detail of the piece.
3 3/4"w  X  2 3/4" h
hand painted rock -
natures sculpture
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"The Going of the Buffalo"

Artwork copyright
Gina Biesenbach
All rights reserved
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rock paintings
This little buffalo now resides in Buffalo, NY
Some 75 million buffalo roamed the American plains in the early 19th century.   As settlers moved in in the mid 1800's, the buffalo was one of the first animals to suffer at the hands of civilization.
The Texas herd alone, estimated at about 10 million head, were slaughtered to near extinction by a mere 2000 hunters in a matter of three or four years.  By 1879  these great heards were reduced to a few straggling calves and yearlings.  It was the end of an era, the last and greatest unrestricted hunt in history.
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