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12"  x  7"  x   2"......................$125
Artwork copyright
Gina Biesenbach
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There are two species of wolves: The gray, or timber wolf, (Canis Lupus) once widly distributed but now  found only in Canada, Alaska, and northern Europe and Russia, except for a few isolated packs in other regions; and the red wolf , (Canis Rufus) found only in Texas and the southeastern United States.

An adult gray wolf measures up to 2 m (6.5 feet) in length, including the tail and weighs up to 80 kg (175 pounds) In the spring females have litters of one to eleven pups.
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"Howling at The Moon"

not for sale
Custom Pomeranian..........$60
​Custom Poodle.......$60
​Chocolate Lab........$60
Not for sale ... This was my dog Cinch

These are very interesting in that the stones are flat, but the shape of the silhouettes suggests dogs or wolves.  They look great sitting in a corner on the floor, or even on a shelf.
"Dogs and Wolf Silhouettes"

The shape of these rocks are just as they were found in the wild. No shaping, chiseling, or carving, of any kind, has been done to these or any other stones on this site.
All I did was add the paint to bring the life right out of the stone itself.