This is an actual stone as it was found in the wild.  As I see it, it looked like a walrus sitting on a rock.   It is to be understood that the stone, as all 3-D objects, looks almost entirely different in actual site than it does on the flat screen.
5"H x  5 3/4"L x  4"D
This page was last updated on: July 10, 2008
Artwork copyright
Gina Biesenbach
All rights reserved
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"Sea Lion"
This is the raw rock as it was found...before the paint was added
2 3/4" h  x  2 1/2" w
Although the names "sea lion" and "seal" are often used interchangeably, the animals are not  the same.  Sea lions have visible , external ears; and they can turn their flippers forward when walking on land.  The trained "seals" of circuses, and zoos are usually California Sea Lions.   Sea Lions are gracefull swimmers.  In their natural habitat they ride the surf, leap in and out of the water, and playfully cavort near shore.  They spend much of the day basking on land and are believed to feed mainly at night on a typically sealike diet of mollusks and fish.
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