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Elaphant Parade
I have had several requests to do elaphant rock paintings, so on this page you will find Mother Nature sculpted stones that I found that to me looked like little elaphants.
  Yes that is correct...these were sculpted INTIRELY by Mother Nature.  All I did was add the paint.
"Bubble Bath Surprise"
This is a baby elaphant which appears to be taking a bubble bath.  I call it "Bubble Bath Surprise" because...Surprise when you pick it up and look on the bottom there is a second elaphant peering out from under the bubbles.  You can see the top edge of the second elaphant's trunk peering out from under the bubbles on top. (note the white arrows)
approx.  2"  x  2"  x  2"
This little Elaphant resides
in Kirby, Texas
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This page was last updated on: July 10, 2008
Artwork created by
Gina Biesenbach
All Rights Reserved