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Chameleon ~ common name for certain lizards that are well known for their ability to change colors when frightened and in response to light, temperature, and other environmental changes.  The color change is caused by harmones that affect special pigment- bearing cells in the skin.  It's color does not always change to match its surroundings, however, as is commonly believed.
2 1/2"w   x  1 7/8"h    x   1"d

This page was last updated on: July 10, 2008
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It is my wish that the definite 3-D detailing  of these Mother Nature stone sculptures could be viewed as such on the flat screen of your computer, but I do realize that it is not possible.

Even the ear gill of this dragon is naturally raised enough so that you could place a fingernail under the back edge of it, and his cheek bone is almost a full 1/2" higher than his muzzle.

Artwork copyright
GL Biesenbach
All Rights Reserved
"The Littlest Dragon"           
4 1/2"L   X   2 1/4"L   X    1 3/4"D
"Chameleon Lizard"
"Basking Iguana"
2" w   x   1.5" h
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"Dragon Heart and Friend"
4 7/8" w  x 2 3/4" h  x  1" d
Raw rock before the paint was applied.