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  "Spirit of the Eagle Dancer"

This is a collection of paintings and drawings 
balancing on the edge of the spiritual beliefs 
of certain North American Indians. 

"The Rock Quarry"

A collection of rocks, rocks, and 
more rocks.  Some painted like 
the little creatures that their shapes
 represent.  Others are etched and or 
painted upon.  So artistically done
 you won't believe they're rocks!

All Artwork copyright 
GL Biesenbach
All rights reserved
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Also includes Landscapes.
 Need I say more?

Here you will  find a hodge~podge 
of miscelaneous artwork.
Included is weareable art, 
decorative art,  and Pet Portraits.
This page was last updated on: April 27, 2015
 "Pottery Barn"

Mostly hand built one of a kind 
pottery pieces...
with some wheel thrown pieces

This section is currently 
under construction!

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Painted Rock Gallery
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Painted Rock
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"Aucton Gallery"

I will on occasion put some of my artwork 
on various Auctions on the Internet.  
Like E-Bay, etc.
Here you will be able to view 
all my Auctions, and have the opportunity
 to place a bid on the artwork of your choice....
Going Once!...Going Twice!...

Virtually EST.
April. 2000
"Native American, Wildlife, and Rockin' Stone Art"
There are currently no Auction 

Gina Biesenbach  ~ artist
God Bless America
and Texas too!
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